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International health insurance {Free quote} 2022

To obtain a free quote on an international health insurance plan, please fill in the form below to receive your personalized quote for international health insurance plans via email, tailored to your profile needs. All easy and fast. 

Get a custom plan that fits your needs perfectly. Choose the coverage and additional levels that are right for you and your family. All you have to do is choose which of the international health insurance plan options is best for you.

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You will receive proposals with detailed plan information and quotes from one of our international health insurance experts.

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global support

With the ability to communicate in a variety of languages, our international health insurance support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

award-winning experience

We operate with the best international private healthcare providers and nearly 20 years of experience in providing international products, consultancies, health insurance and wellness.

clinical expertise

Our clinical and planning expertise is especially important if you have a chronic health condition or are pregnant. We help coordinate necessary medical care, including obtaining prescriptions and medical devices once you travel.

Choose the best international health insurance for you

No matter which part of the world you plan to visit, live, know, our plan options are designed to protect you in the best possible way, our insurance plans you can count on:

Americas health insurance

Americas health insurance

This insurance includes all countries in the Americas.

health insurance Europe

health insurance Europe

This insurance includes all European countries.

International health insurance

International health insurance

This insurance is intended for other continents.

Long term health insurance

Long term health insurance

for long periods
of stay (over 3 months)

But after all, do you know what health insurance for international travel is?
A quick answer would be: it's a health plan. Health insurance for international travel is a health plan that allows you access to medical and dental care, including emergency care, abroad. Basically, an international health insurance allows you, in another country, to carry out consultations, routine exams and emergency care. International health insurance is suitable for you if your intention is to guarantee medical, dental and hospital care during your stay abroad.

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Your free International Health Insurance or Travel Insurance quote is a free service offered to international travelers, expats or anyone traveling abroad for extended periods. You will receive a personalized health or international travel insurance quote designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Please complete the free quote request form for international health insurance as best you can.

It is worth remembering that the more information you can provide, the better we will be able to adapt your quote to your situation.

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